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About the Founders

We believe strongly in the VISION of Touching Lives Outreach International. We have worked with children many times in our lives and we have come to discover that children are the same all over the world. This is irrespective of colour, tribe or religion. These things tend to divide us sometimes.

We get so excited and encouraged reading the comments of people who want to be part of this Vision. The truth is, we cannot hide from the problems of society that the less privileged ones suffer each day; and it is everywhere. Sometimes we cross the street to avoid a homeless child whose sight is no good to behold. We roll-up our windows in traffics because the sight and sound of that little beggar makes us uncomfortable. We are aware that most of the times; we feel terrible and guilty when we do such things. Another time, we put the blame on the government and the few cabals on the corridors of power. The question is; what can one person do about such enormous problems or even one child that is in need. Sometimes, it’s easy to pretend we don’t see and keep walking. There are a lot we can do together with this platform. Our faith must change how we live and how we respond to the needs of others. We must ask ourselves what we are doing with our possessions. How do we serve those in need? How should we? This is a deep inspiration for me, and I am convinced we can do more. Think of what you can do for those in need. It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing when you can do little – do what you can to save a life. God bless you. Feel Free to Donate and Support this calling..