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Corporate Profile

The work of T-LOIN motivated and obliged by Christian principle and values geared toward towards the development of needy individuals, groups, organisations, and society as a whole. In this regard, it employs and promotes demand-leaders or self-help strategies towards rural community development and rural poverty reduction.

To be an excellent organisation with the passion of touching and supporting the lives of needy and less privilege people in the world in order to ensure social justice

To touch and uplift the lives of needy and less privilege people in society by working towards providing for their social and economic needs in terms of finance, education, health, moral and spiritual.

The goal of the organisation is to facilitate the need to touch and support the social and economic development of the needy and less privilege people in society including but not limited to street and homeless children, physically and mentally challenged people, as well as neglected people in the world.


The objectives of the organisation are to;

  1. Provide for the physical and material needs of the needy and less privilege children in society
  2. Support the educational needs of brilliant but needy and disadvantaged children in society
  3. Support the health needs of neglected, needy and less privilege children, people and communities in society
  4. Help poor communities to get access to good drinking water
  5. Provide moral and spiritual support of neglected children in society
  6. Support the social needs of physically and mentally challenged children in society