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Poverty Alleviation

Addressing hunger is one of the most vital issues we deal with. Most of the families cannot afford food, Working in a community where many lack the basics, I’ve come to realize that lot of kids in deprived communities go to school on an empty stomach daily – A hungry child can not stay in school. While many families struggle to put food on the table, supermarkets, food manufacturers and households across the country waste a massive 10 million tons of food each year – much of them still perfectly good for human consumption. Every $10 donated will ensure a primary school child and their family have the food needed for a nutritious meal.

Elderly Support Project:

The food crisis in Ghana is having a devastating effect on the elderly. Without enough to eat, many older people are becoming weak and malnourished. This leaves them more vulnerable to illnesses that they cannot afford medical care and unable to provide for even their most basic needs. In many cases, family members are unable to help as they struggle to feed themselves and their children. This leaves the elderly without any form of support and often living in heartbreaking conditions. Our Elderly Care sponsorship program allows us to bring life-sustaining food and medical care to people who would otherwise be left to die.

Disability and Street Child Support Project

TLOIN is passionate about the needy and help people especially people who have no one to stand up for them, like the blind, mentality Challenged, lepers, Orphans, street children, widows etc. Over the years, we have been donating food stuffs, clothes, money for trading etc. to people in the rural areas.

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