Tloin is passionate about the needy and help people especially people who have no one to stand up for them, like Orphans, street children, less privileged, vulnerable kids, widows, Aged, single parent, disable, mentally challenged kids, children with leprosy, the blind etc.
Over the years, we have been donating and financing education to less privileged children, giving out food stuffs, clothes, educational materials, money etc. to people in deprived community. We also give health talk and free health screening to deprived communities, feeding the poor etc. Our drive and passion for the needy children have driven us to take care of lot of vulnerable children financially, socially and spiritually. Our purpose is to put smiles on the sad faces.

We are dedicated to helping medically needy poor children, Aged and communities get access to preventive and emergency medical care they need. Our campaign is to identify and mobilize millions of people, churches, and responsible corporate sectors, to build and restore hope to  children anywhere.

A visit to the children wards of our public hospitals will live anyone in tears at the many hopeless cases abandoned due to lack of funds to settle, mounting bills or inadequate medical facilities and equipment, while the helpless child groans in pains, as life slowly ebbs away from the little body, depriving the nation of another great potential asset. The population of citizens denied the right to health care at the primary level and specialized health needs is growing at a rate beyond the reach of the budget and health infrastructure.

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