I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a helping hand to someone.
You may not know what that little thing you did for someone would do in their life.

Please, endeavor to lend a helping hand, assist and show some love to friends, family, relatives and even enemies. Your good deeds would always speak for you, my warm greetings goes to my #VOLUNTEERS We’v blessed many souls together and we still gonna do even more and more.
May our river never run dry.

It is actually “too late to fail my DONORS OMA, your blessings to many know no bound, may you continue to live and bless people, God shall continue to bless you even more.

To our SPONSORS you have sent many kids out from the Street2school, Many orphans, disability,poor kids, school drop out etc. back to school. Many homes are smiling today because they met you. Who said God doesn’t see your heart? Who said he would not fight for you? Who said he won’t bless you more and more?
You’ve blessed many and so shall God bless you too.

MY MANAGER / AUDITOR A Boss who knows how to touch souls and make them happy, your river shall never run dry. Keep doing what you do sir. God shall bless you even more for every soul you’ve helped us touched.

MYPARTNERS God bless you for supporting us!!!

For everyone else out there who is doing something to put a smile on someone’s face, may your river never run dry. May God in his infinite mercy replenish all that you’ve and still giving out.

For everyone supporting what I do in one way or another, I want to remind you that you all have a special place in my

2019 Is Going To Be A Good Year



  • January 2, 2019 at 12:12 am

    God will not forget you for taking care of the needy.


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